Local Bakery Combines Two Unlikely Passions To Create One Sweet Experience

By Hannah Fleager SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Jennifer Walls and Natalie Evans’ dreams came true last November when they opened their own street front bakery, The Sweet Praxis. The word praxis is not a word that is commonly found in the title of a bake shop, and that is because the word has roots in architecture. Before owning their own baking business both Walls and Evans worked at an architecture firm.

Walls explained the meaning behind the unique name. “We were playing with other words that had to do with experimenting and playing, but that word seemed like just enough of the architecture roots that it excited us,” Walls said.

Founders Evans and Walls created the Sweet Praxis to fill a gap within the food community in Central New York: organic baked goods. Many of the ingredients used to create all of the bakery’s menu items are real and fresh as opposed to artificial or processed.

When using real ingredients, bakers at The Sweet Praxis turn to local vendors. “We’ve partnered with a lot of local vendors for some of our ingredients like our flour, dairy, eggs among many other things. And then as well as other business professionals within our community. Recess Coffee provides our regular coffee and our cold brew, and soon to provide our espresso,” Walls said.

At the bakery customers can find a wide selection of pastries, deserts, breakfast and lunch options, and a variety of coffees and tea.

The Sweet Praxis has monumentally evolved since Evans and Walls created the business in 2011. The two women started off by attending farmer’s markets on the weekends. The Sweet Praxis later evolved into a wholesale business, and then also began catering weddings and birthdays. The most recent step made within the business was the opening of the street front bakery.

The Sweet Praxis’ store front bakery is just a few weeks away from celebrating its first anniversary in its new space. While Walls is extremely proud of how far the bakery has come, she said both herself and Evans have many plans for the future. “So, we’re really excited to see what the next few years bring for us. And how we can keep providing our community with more and more ways to excite and delight them,” Walls said.

To learn more about The Sweet Praxis you can visit their website or you can stop by the bakery on 203 East Water Street in Syracuse, New York.