How Your Career Can Affect Your Fashion Choices

Adriana Gorea studies fashion design and technology. She recently moved to the Syracuse area from Delaware.

By Prena Dadlani SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — In the middle of a crowded library stood a woman whose aqua ballet flats shined brighter than the dull linoleum walls. One thing was for certain, this was not a math professor. Assistant professor of Fashion Design Adriana Gorea discusses how a change in career can affect what you put on.

“If you’re working in media, then you’re more trend savvy when you go to work,” Gorea said. “If you work in academia or just general business world, you tend to be more classic and conservative.”

Rather than throwing away your business suits, Gorea suggests opting for staple fabrics and items, such as the classic black pair of pants.

“Even jeans, jeans are going a little bit more formal, so a nice tailored pair of jeans [is now acceptable in some workplaces],” Gorea said.

If changing styles of clothing isn’t an option, it is still possible to maintain a fashionable flare by sprucing up an outfit with some accessories.

“Add fashion to your wardrobe via smaller items. Um, a scarf, jewelry, costume jewelry can be an easy add on,” Gorea said.

She referred to the example of Steve Jobs, who was known for his lack of fashionable attire, wearing the same black sweater and blue jeans for years.

As for shoes, Gorea said that stilettos and high heels are nice and coming back, but it again depends on your position. She conveyed that fashion should be a reflection of your personality and an individual approach to the message you want to communicate.