Syracuse University Student Builds Brand from her Fitness Journey

Syracuse University Student Katie Pirzadeh lost weight and gained a passion for fitness that she transformed into a brand called KPhitness. (c) 2017 Emma Pettersen

By Emma Pettersen SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)-  The quest to lose the “Freshman Fifteen” lead Syracuse University student Katie Pirzadeh to change her lifestyle and build a brand to inspire others on their fitness journey. In 2016 Pirzadeh launched KPhitness, an inspirational social media account with tips on eating healthy, working out, and staying motivated. A few months later, she expanded the brand to include merchandise- hats and t-shirts- bearing her logo for followers to wear to the gym.

“I was inspired by what I wanted to see when I was going through my journey and wanted to create something that could help people get to where I have gotten,” says Pirzadeh. “This feeling is so good I wish I could put it into a bottle and give it to everyone.”

A self-proclaimed gym rat, Pirzadeh works out once or twice every single day and is spending even more time in the gym now that she is a certified personal trainer.

“I think being certified gives my brand a validation that other fitness brands on social media don’t have. And for me that is a really good feeling,” says Pirzadeh.

Pirzadeh hopes to send a message to college women that working out doesn’t have to be a chore and that gyms should be a place they feel welcomed- not intimidated.

“I want girls to know that strong is beautiful. In our society, having big arms can be looked down upon, like a woman is too masculine. But to me, strong arms mean I can defend myself and that is a greater achievement that being the most gorgeous girl in the world,” says Pirzadeh.

Most importantly, Pirzadeh wants people to know that fitness is a life-long goal that takes time and dedication.

“My favorite saying is ‘It’s a lifestyle. KPhitnes is a lifestyle’ because you have to work at it every day, it’s not going to the gym once a week or eating salads every now and again. It’s loving yourself and making your fitness a lifestyle.”

For now, KPhitness exists only on its Instagram platform, but Pirzadeh hopes to expand to YouTube and create a website within the year.