Some CNY Seniors Struggle to put Food on Tables

The CNY Food Bank says 10% of seniors in the area can’t consistently put on food on their tables. (C) Mac Konrad

Find out why the AARP believes its members are struggling to put food on the table.

By Mac Konrad Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)- The Onondaga County AARP chapter has been raising concerns about the financial state of some of its constituents. The group believes some seniors are being squeezed by the climbing cost of necessities like food and utilities.

Robert O’Connor, manager of the AARP chapter in the area, says some companies, like National Grid, are raising their prices by as much as 10 percent despite the fact that social security income has remained mostly stagnant.

Lynn Hy of the Central New York Food Bank says the increase in prices means some seniors are having to make difficult choices.

“42% of people, whether they’re seniors or a family, are making choices between purchasing food and paying their utility bills, or purchasing food and paying for medicine,” said Hy.

In the Syracuse area, one in ten seniors struggles to put food on the table, according to the CNY Food Bank. That number is expected to rise when the results from a recent survey are released.

To Gary Pieples, a Syracuse University consumer law professor, this kind of poverty, ironically, can be very pricey.

“Poor folks are often left with less choice and their choices aren’t as good—it’s tough to be poor, it’s more expensive to be poor,” said Pieple