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Empowerment Through Fitness

CHAARG is a national fitness organization that is taking college campuses by storm. NCC's Kaitlin Pearson got to see how the girls work through the sweat to make themselves better tomorrow.

BY: Kaitlin Pearson Syracuse N.Y. (NCC News) – We all know the doctors orders; eat healthy, drink lots of water, and stay in shape. To combat the boredom often associated with working out, a new fitness organization is taking colleges and universities across the country by storm combining community with healthy living.

As the sunset comes to a rest at the end of the day at Syracuse University most students are headed back to their dorms and apartments for relaxation, but this group of girls are circling up to get their hearts racing.

This is CHAAG. A new national fitness organization for women that in just two years has spread to over 50 colleges and universities across the country, its main goal? To ignite passion in college aged women for health and fitness.

 “CHAARG is a place for every single person on this campus our main mission is to not only show you it can be fun but that we want you to be your best self through health and fitness.” – Katie Dills

Katie Dills, a junior at Syracuse University, just celebrated her one year anniversary as Chaargs’s founding ambassador at SU for the national organization and said that her reasons for wanting to start the organization here had a lot to do with finding a fitness family. Dills said, “So I grew up in sports and when I got to Syracuse I just didn’t have that anymore I kinda missed a team ya know so that was really the inspiration behind bring CHAARG here is that I really just wanted a health and fitness team back.”

The organization at Syracuse University has jumped from 35 members in its early stages to 177 members strong in just one year. It is this momentum and speed of the growth of the organization that makes Dills confident in the powerful message the group promotes.

CHAARG partners with local studios once a week to lead them in a work out, whether it be crossFit, salsa dancing, or this weeks class for the CHAARG girls was located at Orange Theory Fitness  located on Erie Boulevard East in Syracuse. Katie Dills said that these diverse workouts help girls find the right activity that really gets them excited about getting healthy or as they like to say, “find their fit.”

“You go into a gym and its all the women on the elliptical and all the men in the weight room and we’re really working to show women that you can be empowered you can go into the weight room and strut your stuff” – Katie Dills

It is that message of it not just being about a work out or a healthy meal that Katie feels will keep charge growing for a long time not only at universities across the country but a message that will stick with people their whole lives.

“Because it is such as life style, it’s not just an organization that you’re joining. It’s always thinking positively its thinking about how you can be your best self today and it’s really made me a better person a better athlete, a better leader and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.” – Katie Dills

Orange Theory Fitness is located at 3150 Erie Boulevard East Syracuse NY, 13214