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Helping Hounds is Searching for a New Dog House

By: Sean Robson DEWITT, N.Y. (NCC News)- Helping Hounds Dog Rescue is looking for a new facility to operate out of. Currently on Kinne Road in DeWitt, N.Y., the facility has simply become to small to to house both the dogs, staff and volunteers.

“We’re pretty tight on space, we definitely need a larger building, with a larger building we could do more for the community and help more dogs,” says office manager at Helping Hounds, Nathan Ouderkirk.

In searching for a new building, the staff at Helping Hounds has made it clear that they need a larger indoor and outdoor space as well as a newer facility in its entirety. They have distance restrictions too; 10-15 miles from their current location to aid the multiple volunteers that already make the commute to the shelter several times a week.

“We would love to have a training room where we would hold training classes for new adopters where they could learn new techniques,” says Ouderkirk.

A larger indoor training and socialization facility would benefit both the dogs and future owners; giving potential adopters the opportunity to spend ample time with the dogs in a stress-free environment before making a decision.

Having space for the dogs to socialize and play outdoors in the non-winter months would be critical too, Ouderkirk says, seeing that their outdoor pens are too small and usually cramped.

A new building would allow for Helping Hounds to take in even more dogs than they already do; the rescue center found 1785 dogs new homes in 2016 alone.

Helping Hounds abides by a specific criteria when selecting dogs from their partners in Texas and Alabama like behavior, interaction with young children/other dogs, among other factors.

Helping Hounds sees around three dog transports from the South every month, usually pushing their cumulative total from the beginning to the end of said month, into the hundreds.