Apartments Planned For 143-Year-Old Building

This 143-year-old Armory Square building will be luxury apartments by summer 2018. (c) 2017 Michael Adzima

Listen to hear more about the plans for this historic building.

By Michael Adzima

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- The same building has been standing at 415 South Clinton Street in downtown Syracuse since 1874, and now, 143 years later, it will serve a new purpose. Robb Bidwell and Douglas Balle plan to turn the upper floors of the nearly century and a half old building into luxury apartments.

The group plans to build 12 apartments on the upper three floors of the Armory Square building. These top floors have been vacant for the last 30 years.

“This is just another building in our backyard,” said Bidwell, owner of 415 South Clinton Street LLC, regarding why this building was chosen for his latest project.

This is Bidwell’s third project in Armory Square. The group developed apartments in the Kirk Hotel Building and the Butler Building along with founding Modern Malt restaurant on South Clinton Street.

As for the ground floor of the building, Bidwell and Balle plan to keep it in use as commercial space, yet do not know who or what will occupy it as of now. The commercial area of the building has been vacant since 2013 and was last occupied by Kokomo’s Bar and Grille.

With more and more apartments popping up in downtown, Bidwell says there is still a demand, especially since all 27 of his current units are occupied.

Syracuse resident Jon Grey likes that old buildings like this one are finally being put to use again, “To me it doesn’t matter what you’re using the building for as long as it’s useful…because all of these unused spaces that are here that are just staying unused are not cared for in the same way that if people are living in it has to be cared for.”

The project is currently planned to begin construction this winter and be fully finished by summer of 2018. Right now the project has an estimated cost of about $3 million. Rent rates, according to Bidwell, are expected to be between $900 and $1,600 per month.