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How About Them Apples

An Apple Farm in Victor, NY defies all odds and has a strong start to their apple picking season despite a fire destroying their farm, bakery, and cold storage almost a year ago.

By Natalie Mooney VICTOR, N.Y. (NCC News)–Apple Farms all over New York have been working hard to prepare for the up and coming Apple Picking Season, but one farm in particular has had to work extra hard for their apple-y ever after.

The Apple Farm in Victor, N.Y. has been recovering from a fire since last November. ┬áThis unexpected disaster which destroyed the farm’s store, bakery, and cold storage cost over $13,000 to repair.

Friends of the farm and members of the community came together to raise the money to help get the farm up and running and ready for the upcoming season.

One Apple Picker, Alexandrea Costanza, has been visiting the farm with her family and said that she is just happy to be back.

Costanza said, “My family and I were so sad when we heard about the fire, but it’s good to see that the place is back up and running,” she added, “we’re happy for them.”

The Apple Farm is open daily from from 10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.