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Seasonal Drinks Help CNY Local Coffee Shops Thrive

Freedom of Espresso’s Kate McCarthy thinks of new seasonal flavors to bring in customers . (c) 2017 Cassondra Balkin

Listen to how this Local Coffee shop defies odds by managing to stay open for almost 20-years.

By Cassondra Balkin SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Kate McCarthy smiled  as she mixed a concoction of almond and pumpkin in a metal canister. She topped the brew with two pumps of peanut butter,and began to shake. It’s Freedom of Expresso’s routine for making  seasonal whipped creams to help bring in customers during the fall.

With the trees  beginning to turn and the weather finally starting to cool off,  small businesses across CNY have begun their seasonal marketing. McCarthy believes that there is a definite increase in their shop’s intake from these types drinks and baked goods.

“They certainly will pay more for the seasonal specialties,” McCarthy said about their costumers, “they’ll hear about it and want to be in on what it’s about”.

During this season, Freedom of Espresso hopes to compete with large coffee chains and bring in a crowd by creating unique seasonal themed products.

“We have even more to offer than the typical Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks drinks. They only have the same things ever single year,  where as we try to come up with more ideas,” McCarthy said.

Some businesses, like Freedom of Espresso, go a step further and only use organic ingredients in their products to  separate themselves  from the pack. McCarthy says that buying the healthier ingredients can be costly, but it pays off when giving local businesses the edge over bigger coffee corporations.