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Central New York Area is Trying to Attract Technology Startups

The Technology Garden Incubates technology startups. (c) 2017 Calvin Dudley

By Calvin Dudley SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) The Syracuse Technology Garden is a business that helps entrepreneurs create their own technology businesses, which it hopes in the end will lead to a better Syracuse economy. The Tech Garden provides numerous resources, support, and incentives to bring and keep technology startups in the Syracuse area.

“We’ll offer them a variety of resources, mentors, and hopefully within a period of time they’ll move on and hire more people, need a larger space, and we’ll see the economy grow with them,” said Lynn Hughes, the Tech Garden’s Director of Operations.

The Tech Garden was started in 2004 by Centerstate CEO, a larger business development company. Since that time, the Tech Garden has incubated technology startups with mentors, advisors, investors, and service providers.

Although the Tech Garden is a business, it says its mission is to help the Syracuse and Central New York economy. To try and help the economy, the company hosts the Genius New York competition, an almost year-long competition.

Genius New York was started by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2016 to help the Central New York area. The competition is for unmanned systems such as hardware, software, and analytics. Six teams chosen from the applications will compete in the two phase competition.

The winner of the competition receives $1,000,000, with second and third places receiving $600,000, and $400,000 respectively. The applications to Genius New York are due this Sunday.

“Provide whatever support we can to help them grow their business while they’re here, with the hopes that they’ll be hiring people in Syracuse and remaining here after the one-year competition,” said Traci Geisler, the Tech Garden’s Resource Manager.

While the Tech Garden recognizes that Central New York is not Silicon Valley, Hughes says the area is very supportive of its technology businesses and that there are people here who are able and willing to work for technology businesses.

“We do have a very good foundation to support companies,” Geisler said.