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Sights and Sounds of the New York State Fair

By Sara Bonadies SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS) The fall class of BDJ 364 went to the New York State Fair on Thursday August 31st to explore the fair’s many sights and sounds, below is what they discovered.

Emma H. Henzes went to the Pan-African Village to listen to John Heard, a percussion teacher in Syracuse, as he played on the Djeebay hand drum. Heard gives several short percussions at the State Fair, a job he’s been doing for nine years. Painted on Heard’s drums are butterflies symbolizing what he calls “the freedom and ever changing pattern of his beats.”

Andrew E. Graham also went to the Pan-African Village and watched Syracuse native and school percussion teacher John Heard offer djembe workshops for fairgoers.

Timothy S. Collins spoke with Robert Reczko from Watertown New York. Reczko is an entrepreneur who entered the furnishing business with his wife Amanda, by making country signs and furniture out of wood. The two finally opened their first store in Watertown earlier this year.

Jason Herman went to the tent of the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center as rescue birds, crew members and bystanders waited for the start of the show. All the birds featured in the show were rescues. Tanya Lowe, the show leader from Chardon Ohio, said the birds either had major injuries in the wild or were confiscated from their owners and brought to the center where the birds are rehabilitated, trained for years and then become show stars. After the fair, the birds return home to a 15 acre facility, and some even get their own room.

Ally Heath went to the fair’s Milk Bar where customers contemplated how many cups of milk to buy.

Matthew Moyer spoke with Rollercoaster operator Latoya on ride safety, after the tragic malfunction at the Ohio State Fair. The rides at the New York State Fair have been running smoothly.

Jonathon Allan Hoppe spoke with Mia Volpe, a horseback rider turned cow caretaker. Volpe grew up on a farm and rode horses as a child. After a horseback riding accident almost left Volpe paralyzed, she decided to give up her passion. Volpe wanted to continue her involvement with the farm and turned to taking care of the fair cows, which she’s been doing for the past several years.

Gabrielle Caracciolo spoke with nine-year-old Jocelyn Widrick from Watertown, NY. Widrick is a competitor in the Youth Dairy Cow Competition, she has been working with the cows on her farm and competing with them for the past seven years.

Brendan Karl Mortensen visited the 4-H Youth Dairy Cattle Show, where contestants walked their cows for the judges.

Jack Watson saw a blacksmith demonstration.

Josh Horwitz visited the Cattle Barn and saw Silver Springs Farms Cows as they rest up for a slew of competitions over the coming days.

Jae Hyun Kim looked on as families built birdhouses to help the environment at the Bluebird Boxes program.

Jack McMullen visited the Veterans Memorial and spoke with Vietnam Air force Veterans Buddy Rogers and Gary Dredge. The two grew up in Baldwinsville and have gone to the fair every year for practically their whole lives. Rogers said that he has gone every single year, for at least three days since the 1940s.

Faith Cain looked on as Spectrum News and the Dairy Princess took part in the celebrity milkshake competition.

Jonah Karp visited the Dreaming of Timbuctoo display.

Be sure to watch the video to experience the sights and sounds of the New York State Fair for yourself.