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Medical services for children battling depression in Syracuse

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By Eshalaxmi Barlingay SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Many children in Syracuse are fighting depression and drugs. However, there was no proper medical care and counselling available to them.

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare(SBH) has started services for children and adolescents. They provide services to children battling depression, mental health disorders and drug usage.

Jeremy Klemanski, CEO and President of SBH, said there is a shortage of child psychiatrists in Syracuse. SBH aims to hire more psychiatrists to help children have one-on-one talk sessions and fight depression and reduce drug addiction.

The service started on July 1st in the SBH clinic and they are introducing more programs for the benefit of children. SBH is starting a 24×7 crisis response service for children who require emergency help. “If somebody is struggling substantially on the hours that the clinic isn’t open and they don’t have a way to get to our emergency program, we can possibly go to them and try to stabilize the situation they are in and provide care that they need”, said Klemanski.

SBH is also building a pharmacy in the clinic so that parents can bring their children for a session or any treatment that they require. The pharmacy will have a specialized group of people trained in behavioral health medication.

Klemanski said the approach is highly integrated with substance use care and primary care, plus the fact that there will be a crisis response team that you can work with.

These medical services are trying to help higher risk patients and ensure each of their patients gets proper care and counselling.