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Scientists Discover the Moon May Have Water

(c) 2007 (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)


(c) (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

By Peyton Zeigler SYRACUSE (NCC News) –¬†Scientists from Brown University found¬†evidence of water in the core of the moon. This is a huge discovery for the future of space exploration.

Damien Allis is a Research Professor of Chemistry at Syracuse University, the director of CNY Observers and Observing, and a NASA Solar System Ambassador. He said water on the moon could make long-term space missions easier to launch. With more resources on the moon, like water to make fuel, that frees space for more astronauts or equipment to travel to space.

“The more resources you can find off the planet, the less you have to bring up from the planet,” he said.

Allis said that there is a debate about whether NASA should use their resources to go to Mars or go to the moon again. However, the possibility for other countries or maybe private organizations to go to the moon and create a base is not out of the question.