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Painted Rocks are Being Hidden in Skaneateles

© 2017 Skan Rocks, A rock found at Charlie Major Nature Park.

Painted Rocks are Being Hidden in Skaneateles

Community members have painted several dozens of rocks with messages on them for people to wander upon.

by Karthik Venkataraman SKANEATELES, N.Y.– Some people throw rocks, others kick them, but in Skaneateles, they are being hidden for people to find.

Community members have painted several dozen rocks with messages like “Have a nice day!”, for people to wander upon.

The creator of the game, Alanna Matson Bone, says people have been getting creative.

“People are getting really advanced and are doing like really pretty landscapes and flowers and anything bright and cheerful. Some people have been putting motivational messages on the back of them,” Matson-Bone said.

It’s a scavenger hunt of sorts, but there aren’t any clues other than the general location.

She says she knows of rocks that have been placed in the village of Skaneateles, downtown parks, the Charlie Major Nature Trail and Austin Park.

Matson-Bone got the idea after talking to her friend in Michigan. Where her friend lives, they were doing something similar, but not quite what Matson-Bone had in mind.

She started the project as something fun to do with her kids, but then it turned into a community activity.

“It’s just something, a bright spot in people’s day that you don’t expect and then you find it and it makes you happy for a minute,” Matson-Bone said of the community’s enjoyment.

The game has a Facebook page called “Skan Rocks” where people who find a rock can share their discovery with others.

And then they get to hide the rocks wherever they please for others to find.