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Westvale Ranked as One of the Wealthiest Communities

Westvale is high demand in real estate. (c) 2015 Nick Youngson

Westvale High in Demand

Hear Kathleen Herby, Manager of Caldwell Banker Prime Properties talk about Westvale real estate

By Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Westvale has become a hidden gem in the City of Syracuse where residents fall in a unique category. This community is filled with riches.

According to the most recent U.S. Census, Westvale located in Onondaga County ranks 30 out of 62 as one of the wealthiest communities in New York State. Kathleen Herby, Manager of Coldwell Banker Prime Properties, says Westvale is high demand for real estate.

“The school district does have a lot to do with it and you can walk to a lot of different things,” Herby said. “It is a very convenient area too.” Westvale is a popular suburban area to live in with a population of roughly 5,000 people.

Throughout the year, Westvale attracts a lot of buyers who are interested in living in the area that has a low crime rate and a good education system. The Westvale community has 2,009 households.

“There is a high demand of buyers and it’s just not enough listings to go around.” This is a popular area,” Herby said. Westvale’s average household income is slightly more than $75,000 dollars.

Although Westvale is a wealthy suburban area, Herby says it has a friendly atmosphere filled with a sense of community.

Near by counties like Westmoreland and Cortland West were also ranked on this list. In Oneida County, Westmoreland is ranked higher than Westvale and has an average household income of $82,000 dollars. Cortland West was ranked top twenty on the list with 503 households with a median household income roughly $88,000 dollars.

Westvale and the neighboring communities of Cortland West and Westmoreland continue to be on Central New York’s radar for top areas to live.