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Tessy Plastics Opens New Facility in Van Buren N.Y.

Tessy Plastics creates over 1,000 new jobs in Van Buren NY. (c) 2017 Lileana Pearson


Tessy Plastics opens new Van Buren manufacturing plant.

By Lileana Pearson, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS ) – Last week Tessy Plastics opened the doors to it’s new manufacturing plant in Van Buren N.Y.

The plant makes plastic casing for underarm deodorant.

Before breaking ground last year, the company looked at building in South Carolina to cut down shipping costs. However, the state awarded them several grants and tax breaks to encourage them to stay.

Tessy Plastics President, Roland Beck, said local resident’s were another reason he wanted to stay.

“You had everybody in the area, the contractors, all the available skill trades are around here that we would require. We know which ones to use, we know which ones work well, and we know the quality of the work force which is a real big reason that we stayed.” Said Beck.

Tessy Plastics has manufacturing plants in Virginia and China, but it’s head quarters have been in Central New York since 1973. Beck said the opportunity to expand it’s local roots and create over 1,000 jobs is a smart move for the company and benefits the large job pool.

A rising minimum wage was another factor that Beck considered when first looking at out-of-state locations, but in the end said employees who work hard are worth paying.

“Tessy Plastics really prides ourselves with good quality service.” Said Beck. “I want to hire quality employees but I’m willing to pay for that quality employee. That’s one of the reason’s our customers come from all over to do business with us.”

Tessy Plastics will begin shipping a yearly estimated 3,000 truck loads of deodorant containers this year.