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76th Annual Scottish Games & Celtic Festival Returns To Liverpool, NY

Jack Heins (c) Christine Morton 2017

Scottish Games and Celtic Festival

Christine Morton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) Cue the Irish Dancers and Bagpipes! The Scottish Games and Celtic Festival will celebrate their heritages with food, patrons, and live entertainment on Saturday, August 12!

Long Branch Park will host more than 4,000 people at the Scottish Games and Celtic Festival this summer. This majestic day is full of music including solo, group and band competitions. There will even be a moment where more than 400 drums will be playing at one time. Jack Heins, who works in Advertising for the festival, says this moment will leave you with “goose-bumps.” Other performances such as Charlie Zahm and Searson will be taking the stage as well.

Heins says another spectacular part of the day is the Scottish Games. Ages ranging from 13-60 participate in the traditional games such as caber throw and sheath toss. Heins says his two favorite days of the year are Christmas and Scottish Games.

The festival will also be catering to senior citizens. Hein says due to alot of the patrons at the festival being older they will have accessable golf carts available to transport individuals back and forth to set up their seats in the park. Individuals who have signed up to be patrons also qualify for the endless food and beverages during the festival. If you are not a patron, you can sign up the day of the festival.

Even if you’re neither Irish or Scottish, Heins says he wants everyone to join in on the family, fun event. You can find information for the festival on the Web or call them at 315-399-4116.

Scottish Games and Celtic Festival Advertisement (c) Christine Morton 2017

Scottish Games (c) Christine Morton 2017