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Art on Display at The Tech Garden

The Tech Garden is one of the facilities that offers entrepreneurs a possibility to grow in Syracuse. (c) 2016 Isabel Sanchez-Trendowski.

Art on Display at The Tech Garden

Artwork from the Wonder Women exhibit is still on display, and some is for sale at The tech garden in Syracuse. By Corey Crisan, NCC News.

By Corey Crisan SYRACUSE (NCC NEWS) — The “Wonder Women” art exhibit is on display at The Tech Garden on Harrison Street in Syracuse. The gallery was unveiled in a public showing back on July 27.

The “Wonder Women” includes a group of 13 Syracuse-area women who showcase a variety of work, according to Lynn Hughes, who is the Director of operations at The Tech Garden.

“There are approximately 100, give or take, (pieces of) art on our show this time,” she said. “They are from a variety of local artists. There’s 13 women that are participating in this exhibit right now.”

The event brought in a fairly large crowd, according to Hughes.

“I would guess we probably had, throughout the evening, up to 100 people,” she noted.

Hughes also noted what types of work will be available to the public.

“One of our artists focuses on trees, and others are just general design with lots of color,” she said. “Another one does a lot of sunsets. It’s quite the variety.”

The exhibit will be on display at The Tech Garden through September 22. On October 5, the gallery will showcase work themed “Visualizing Music of Talking Heads,” and the exhibit will be unveiled at 5:00 P.M. on that date.

NCC News tried to reach out to curator Steve Nyland, but he was unavailable for a comment regarding the artwork.