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Get Ready For The Solar Eclipse

(c) Peyton Zeigler 2017


By Peyton Zeigler SYRACUSE (NCC News) – The solar eclipse is only weeks away, and a local library is helping children and parents learn more about it.

North Onondaga Public Library in Brewerton hosted a program today to bring awareness about the upcoming solar eclipse. Children’s librarian Wanda Nelson said it’s important┬áto help kids understand the importance of science and get them involved in astronomy. There are not many solar eclipses that happen in Central New York.

“The last one here in Central New York was when my daughter was in third grade. . . Twenty-three years ago,” Nelson said.

Although Central New Yorkers will only see a partial eclipse, Nelson said the library will be ready. They received a donation of solar eclipse glasses to safely watch the moon pass in front of the sun. They will have another program on August 21st during the eclipse so kids and adults can experience this rare event. Children will be able to read about eclipses, research NASA.gov, use hands-on activities and games, and watch the eclipse itself.

If you or your family plan to watch the eclipse remember to wear protective glasses. You can find more information here.