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Newly Proposed Federal Gun Bill May be at a Cease Fire

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SAGA Bill Proposal

One Central New Yorker believes a new gun bill is needed.

By Mye Owens  SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Recently, Representative Chris Collins proposed a federal bill named  the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA). SAGA would limit the state’s authority to regulate rifles and shotguns, voiding many aspects of the SAFE Act. Although there is much controversy around both bills, it is unclear when and if Congress will review the SAGA bill.

The SAFE Act, New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, was passed in 2013. It was pushed forward after the Newton school shooting in Connecticut, that left 20 students dead at an elementary school. The Act bans certain semi-automatic guns with attachments that can contain more than 10 pounds. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo stands firm in his belief that the SAFE Act is progress for the state of New York.

Collin’s has been very vocal in his belief that the SAFE Act is in violation of citizens Second Amendment Right to bear arms. Collins believes he will gain support for the SAGA bill from hunters and outdoors men who use shotguns and rifles. The SAGA bill does not include handguns. Matt Evanchak, employee of Tim’s Guns and Shooting Supplies in Elbridge, agrees that a new gun law is needed. He says, “The whole Safe Act should be repealed in general. It’s a huge burden on people like myself, who don’t commit crimes, don’t get in trouble, don’t violate the law, and don’t do anything wrong.”

Items like health care and tax reforms fall high on the Congress agenda, making the SAGA bill a low priority. Yet, many Central New Yorkers, like Evanchak, hope the bill will continue and pass. Collins is confident that the SAGA bill will cross the finish line.