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Upstate New York’s Minimum Wage on the Rise

Minimum wage will see a steady increase in coming years. (c) 2017 Lileana Pearson

Upstate Minimum Wage

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to start increasing Upstate NY minimum wage on a yearly basis

By Lileana Pearson, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS ) – Upstate New York has seen a recent increase of minimum wage which will continue every December 31st until 2020.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill causing this trend last year. The bill affects much of New York, but does raise wages at different rates depending on the area.

Upstate New York used to be an industrial based economy, but with a downturn in the economy, the area has opened more small businesses to make up for closing  factories.

This change in the work force has caused the minimum wage cost to affect small businesses. The rise puts pressure on businesses, however, the slow increase is designed to ease them into the change.

Dr. Don Dutkowsky, a professor of economics at the Maxwell School in Syracuse University explained two ways this may be true.

“It gives businesses time to prepare. Okay, we’re not going to hit you with a burst of cold water all at once. Reason number two, is that it gets us in the habit of continuing to adjust the minimum wage. Doing it in steps at the state level is a good way to instill the habit of ‘this thing does need adjusting as time goes on’.” Said Dutkowsky

Currently the Upstate New York minimum wage is around $9.00, with the next increase bringing it to just over $10.00. Eventually Gov. Cuomo hopes to see the whole state at a $15.00 minimum wage, though there has been no announcement of when that might be.