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The Annual Eastwood Market Day is Back

(c) 2016. Eastwood Neighborhood Association. Last years 7th Annual Eastwood Market Day.


By Erica Pieschke SYRACUSE (NCC News) – The Eastwood Neighborhood Association has come up with a fun way to get the community out of the house, and spend a little cash for a good cause. The 8th Annual Eastwood Market Day is coming back this Saturday.

This event brings locals out to sell their personal belongings in a “garage sale” style, as well as homemade goods. These items include handmade jewelry, children’s clothing, antiques, and more.

Linda Woodrow, a member of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association and Event Manager, says by popular demand, more food will be included this year.

“We have a gentleman that raises garlic, so he’s going to have garlic for sale,” Woodrow says. “We have a lady that makes homemade bread, she will be there as well.”

In addition to being a fun outing, the proceeds raised will go towards projects around the Eastwood neighborhood.

“This could be anything from street improvements, such as flags along James Street and mountings for those flags,” Woodrow says. “We also run a scholarship program and some incentives for three schools that are in the Eastwood area. So there are different level things that we have available for the community.”

Woodrow hopes to bring in more people than in years passed, and have another successful year. You can come explore the event this Saturday, August 5th, beginning at 9am until 3pm, and see how others are enhancing their communities.