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Syracuse Parks Department Jazz Band Expands This Summer

Band Logo. (c) Syracuse Parks Department.

Stan Colella All-Star Band Wrap

By Brittany  Henderson Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse Department of Parks all-star jazz band is expanding to more Syracuse neighborhoods exposing audiences, and the band to new experiences.

The Stan-Colella All-Star Band is a band filled with up to 17 of the finest high school musicians in Syracuse. The band has several concerts during the holiday season and offers 50 to 60 shows during the summer season. Many of the band’s performances are at park and health facilities in Syracuse. According to Deputy Commissioner, Mary Beth Roach, the new expansion to new Syracuse neighborhoods is allowing more interaction between Syracuse children.

“You’re getting a lot of city school kids and suburban school kids that may not have had the opportunity to know each other.”

So far, the band performed in Eastwood Heights, McKinley Park,  Webster Pond, and other Syracuse neighborhoods. Roach says that performing in new neighborhoods is a way for people in different neighborhoods to bond and get out of their shells.

“A lot of people came out and they haven’t seen each other in a while and they were talking and stuff.”

According to Senior Band Member, Alexander Moore expanding to more neighborhoods allows the band to get more experience.

” It helped me developed playing as an actual person and it also gave me a rare opportunity of playing in several concerts over the summer!” said Moore.

Although, the band has expanded to other neighborhoods they still make their usual visits to the healthcare facilities. Roach says she hopes that expanding to new neighborhoods will interest more student musicians to be involved in the band.

The next new neighborhood the band is performing at will be Barry Park on August 18.