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Home Burglaries Are on the Rise in Onondaga County

Manlius Police Department (c) 2017 Ashley Burroughs

Burglaries in Onondaga County

Hear Investigator, James Gallup, of the Manlius Police Department discuss burglary and tips for homeowners' safety

Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Recently, there has been an increase in the number of burglaries in Onondaga County. Investigator James Gallup of the Manlius Police Department says it is easier for a person to break into someone’s home during the day, because it is less suspicious.

Burglaries that happen during the day are most prevalent throughout the Syracuse area. “Fifty percent if not more are day-time burglaries,” Gallup said. According to a data report by police agencies in the County, there was a total of 1,683 burglary reports last year.

Gallup says unfortunately for police officers who are on patrol, it is just as difficult for us to tell who is out of place, because they don’t know who your neighbors are. However, there is a way for homeowners to buy non-commercial products for surveillance to see who goes on their property while they aren’t home.

Gallup advices homeowners to buy motion detection cameras because it is a cost effective way to provide security and a peace of mind. “If it’s someone who you don’t know is rattling on your door knob it provides you a way to instantly contact 911 without spending large amounts of money for an alarm system and all these other things for your house,” Gallup said.

Over the years, Gallup has witnessed a decrease in the number of people who don’t communicate openly with their neighbors. However, neighbors who have a tight bond with one another can more accurately tell if someone truly belongs in the area or not.

Neighborhood watch provides not only additional safety but an extra pair of eyes when you aren’t present in your home.