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Syracuse School District Is Adding New Options to the Menu

Healthy food options will be added to the menu. (C) 2017 Syracuse School District

Embracing Diversity Through Food

Hear Rachel Murphy, Director of Food and Nutrition Services for the City’s School District talk about the expansion of lunch menu

Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y.-   The Syracuse School District has found a new way to embrace diversity and different cultures. This fall, the Syracuse District is cooking up some international and vegetarian options to add to the lunch menu.

Last school year, Rachel Murphy, Director of Food and Nutrition Services for the City’s School District, assessed and talked to students about what types of food they would like to see on the menu for lunch. After engaging with these students, she realized that they wanted to have more diverse food options.

“Our student body in general at large was looking for different, for more, for change, not just any change but change that would reflect their own world,” Murphy said. Students who attend school in the Syracuse area are from 70 different countries and most speak English as a second language.

Murphy says our school district is one big melting pot and we need to embrace all cultures. The school district will have a theme for lunch everyday for students. One day a week there will be International Day and on Thursday it will be Power Up Day. On Thursday, students will have the option to eat fruits, vegetables, and non-meat alternatives.

“There are so many things we can do to bring people together and food is one of them,” Murphy said. By adding these new food options, Murphy believes that students will become more inclusive and open to different cultures.

“We hope that everyone comes together through food and through this change,” Murphy said.  The Syracuse School District says that this new expansion of the food menu speaks to all the food preferences of its students.