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Syracuse Pond St. Fire Update

An apartment fire broke out on the 400 block of Pond St. Wednesday morning (c) 2017 Lileana Pearson

Pond St. Fire Update

By Lileana Pearson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse firefighters now know the cause of a 400 block Pond St. fire last night. According to City of Syracuse Fire investigator, Allen Williams, the building caught fire due to an unattended candle.

The building, a two story wooden structure containing three apartments – two of which were occupied – sustained minimal damage.

An two month old infant was still in the building when firefighters arrived. They were able to retrieve the child, however it was treated and transported to Upstate Medical Hospital for smoke inhalation.

There has been no update on the child at this time.

Due to a language barrier, the rescue team accidentally arrived to 500 block Pond St. When the team did not find a fire at that address, they heard a fire alarm and followed the sound to the correct address.

A woman outside waved the trucks down and informed them of the child inside.