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Saint George Macedonian Church Hosting an Ethnic Festival

Children practicing a traditional dance for the Ethnic Festival

Macedonian Ethnic Festival

Hear Father Branko Postolovski give insight on the festival

Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Saint George Macedonian Church in Syracuse will be hosting its 15th Annual Macedonian Ethnic Festival this weekend.

This festival will highlight the Macedonian’s history, faith, and cuisines. During this event, there will be young children performing the traditional dance called the kikta.

“The new generation learning the Macedonia focal and passing it down to their kids and their grandchildren. It is great to see them dancing in costumes,” Father Branko Postolovski said. The festival will also have ethnic foods, gift shops, and games for children to play.

Postolovski says that this festival is important because young children are getting involved and learning values of the Macedonian faith. One of the new elements of the festival for its anniversary is the pig dance because it reflects the historical aspect of their culture.

This symbolic dance is performed during traditional Macedonian weddings. Leading up to this festival on Friday, church members have prepared food and children have been practicing their performance.

“I cannot be more grateful to them and to God to give me such an honor and pleasure to be working with them over the years you can see what we have achieved in this church community,” Postolovski said.

The attendance of the festival has increased each year since the festival started. Postolovski says that the Ethnic Festival has brought him and the Macedonian community so much pleasure and he could not ask for anything better.

This three-day festival runs Friday through Sunday. For more information, call Saint George Macedonian Orthodox Church at 315-487-1265 or visit http://www.stgeorgemoc.org/Homeaspx.