Central New York

Onondaga County Plans to Get More Involved in “Block Litter”


More people are going green for the Onondaga County’s initiative to clean up litter in neighborhoods, but the county has plans to get even more involved.

The Onondaga County is planning to use rewards and community groups to get more people involved in the “Block Litter” initiative.

The “Block Litter” is the second phase of the county’s “Save the Rain” project. The “Block Litter” initiative asks Syracuse residents to pledge to keep the neighborhoods clean by cleaning up litter. According to Project Director, Madison Quinn, the overall goal for the second phase is to decrease litter to make the Onondaga Lake clean. Last year, about 35 tons of waste was captured in the water ways and 25 tons captured in the mainstream. County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced the start of the project on June 18th.

Since then, the city  has been encouraging people to share their Block Litter involvement with the world.

“We are encouraging those people who have already signed up to show their participation in “Block Litter” and be entered to win some prizes,” said Quinn.

So far, over two-hundred people have taken the pledge to clean up litter. Quinn says community groups are trying to inspire more county residents to get involved.

“We are already getting some community groups involved as well. Onondaga Earth Corps, which is Green Jobs training organization, they’ve expressed interest in partnering with us,” said Quinn.

According to Quinn the county is working on getting updates on the amount of waste that is being captured in Onondaga Lake since “Block Litter” has started.

People who want to be involved in “Block Litter” can sign up on blocklitter.com.