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New Gene Study at Syracuse VA Medical Center

MVP Program Information at VA Medical Center (c) Christine Morton 2017

MVP Program at VA Medical Center

By Christine Morton SYRACUSE, NY (NCC NEWS) More than 20 veterans have volunteered to participate in The Million Veteran Program at the Veterans Medical Center in Syracuse. This gene study gives veterans an opportunity to serve their country once again.

The Syracuse VA Medical Center has been selected as one of 50 centers nationwide to take part in the gene study. Research Scientist at the Syracuse VA Medical Center, Dr. Richard Servatius, says the VA has the largest database which allows for the millions of genes needed to complete the study. Dr. Servatius explains the reason for using genes as a source of research, “”They will be looking at linkages between different kinds of genetic mutations or normal gene patterns and whether these people benefit more or less from different kinds of treatment.” Findings in this research can help scientists understand diseases such as diabetes and cancer and their treatment methods.

In order to participate in the survey, an individual must be enrolled in the Veteran Health Care System and be a Veteran. However, if you are not already using the VA Health Care and would like to participate you can call toll-free 866-441-6075 for more information on how to enroll. Once you are a member of the study, you will be asked to give a blood sample, answer health-related questions, and allow access to your health records.

Dr. Servatius says, “Veterans are being called upon to serve again and their veterans status and hopefully they want to serve.” Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference as a veteran!


Photography inside VA Medical Center (c) Christine Morton 2017

Stain-glass window inside VA Medical Center (c) Christine Morton 2017

VA Medical Center Sign (c) Christine Morton 2017

VA Medical Center Sign (c) Christine Morton 2017