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Virtual Reality Touring Comes to Syracuse Apartment Company

(c) 2017 AP Images

(c) 2017 AP Images

Virtual Reality Touring Comes to Syracuse Apartment Company - NCC News

By Tommy Farrell SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Open house has a different meaning for one apartment company in Syracuse.

University Hill Apartments and Imajion Studios partnered in February 2017 to bring virtual reality touring to University Hill’s website. If the property has virtual reality viewing available, a 360 degree logo will appear in the picture. Leasing Director, Hope Brennan, said they’ve had several tenants sign a lease without touring the apartment in person. With this, a relationship can be started from the get-go.

“A good 30% of our tenants are international, so for them to find us online and trust us based on what they can actually see, is great,” Brennan said. “They can walk through our apartments wherever they are.”

Currently, 40% of the apartments listed have the virtual reality tour feature. Brennan said that the remaining 200 apartments will take a year to have the virtual reality feature on their website. Regardless, this feature brings an efficient strategy for employees to get other work done.

“We’re able to do so much more in our day to get so much more done,” Brennan said. “When people come to us and they do want to see an apartment in person, they already narrowed down their options because they were able to walk through them on our website.”

People who are interested in viewing an apartment from University Hill can access the virtual reality touring on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The technology was expensive, but Brennan says the competitive edge is worth it.

“It makes the whole process of leasing a lot more seamless.”