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Splashes of Art are Hidden in Downtown Syracuse.

By Epiphany Catling SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– The Poster Project, a local group that consists of artists and poets installed Splash Poetry downtown.

Splash Poetry is haiku poems that are sprayed on sidewalks. What makes these poems different is that they are not visible on sunny days, they only appear when rain falls down on them.

According to Joseph Murphy, creator of Splash Poetry, the artists use a biodegradable, non-slick, weathering spray which keeps the words invisible without water.

Murphy said that many of their poets are not professionals but they want to highlight the great talent that is in the city.

He hopes that the public enjoys the poems just as much as the Poster Project has enjoyed installing them.

“Our intent is to brighten the communities outlook in these inclement days in the summer and were hoping to expand the project from the downtown area to maybe other neighborhoods,” Murphy said.

Some of the neighborhoods the Poster Project are considering expanding to are Tipperary Hill and other residential communities

“Many of our posters and haikus reflect other venues outside of the downtown area. They do not name specific businesses but may name specific venues, or bodies of water that are nearby,” said Murphy.

Some of the other haiku poems are open to interpretation.

The poems can last from two to four months depending on the amount of rainfall. There are ten haiku spread out all over downtown, and you can find a map to all of the locations below.