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Le Moyne College is Hosting a Stem Program

Campers at the Stem Program working on activity. (c) 2017 Ashley Burroughs

Inside Look at the Stem Program

Hear Stem counselor and students talk about the program.

By Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Le Moyne College is hosting its second annual STEM program for young women who are eager to learn more about science, technology, and math. This week long program empowers women by giving them the opportunity to gain new skills in a career field that is dominated by men.

Emma Geiler, a counselor at the camp, says its an inspiration watching these young girls learn and enjoy the activities that are given. “It is really nice see them like oh I really like this and I can do a career in that.”

One of the campers, Julia Rowe, 14, said, “I really enjoy science and math. They have always been my favorite subjects in school so when my mom heard about this program she thought it would be perfect for me and I agree.”

There are thirty high school students participating in the program funded by A&T. The students have already learned how to solder and have seen different types of circuits in the drone kits. “My favorite part of the stem program so far was when we did soldering yesterday because I have never done it before,” Rowe says. “I have heard of it but I have never experienced it and it was really interesting.”

Every day students will learn something new about stem with a variety of fun and innovative activities. Neo Nyoni, 16, said, “Learning about photogrammetry which is basically using photographs to measure things out and creating 3-D models and I found how it was really interesting to see how they could apply that to the environment.”

This camp is held from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. and provides lunch for the campers. Tomorrow they will be taking a field trip to Air Traffic Control to learn more about the position at the Hancock Airport. The program will end Friday. For more information call the camp director, Meriel Stokoe, at 315-395-3913 or email her at