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Heavy Rain May Be Causing Flash Floods in Central New York

Heavy rainfall is causing flooding in several areas in Central New York. (c) 2016 AP John Minchillo

Rain and Soil May be the Cause of Flash Floods

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Mye Owens  Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)


Heavy rain is no stranger to Central New York. However, is the heavy rain fall causing flash floods throughout the area?

New York State’s climatologist, Mark Wysocki, says the climate level is “extremely moist.” Due to the moist weather and constant rain, the soil cannot hold much water on rainy days. The soil may have a tough time absorbing all of the water on a regular, rainy day.

Within this month, areas such as Cortland County and the Southern Tier, have battled flash floods. Laura Lautz, Department Chair of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University, says little can be done to stop the flooding. She says, “When you have a really wet year, and you have flooding in a system that’s pretty natural there isn’t much you can do about it.”

Although the flowers may be loving this weather, there is little citizens can do to stop the flooding. Lautz does not necessarily think heavy rain is a bad thing. She says, “A wet year has pros and cons. In a dry year, people are concerned because the wells run dry. The flip side is, now we have a super wet year, well now we have flooding to worry about.”

The weather services stated there was 5 inches of rainfall in Binghamton this week. This is the fourth wettest year on record for Syracuse. However, on days where the sun is out, the soil is getting a well deserved break.

Rain continues to show in the forecast for the remainder of this week and next.