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The Stage of Nations Plans Film Night Preview

Dancer posing to the left, Lyons in the middle, Singer on the right (c) 2017 Brittany Henderson


By Brittany Henderson Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Stage of Nations Blue Rain ECOfest will return this weekend and bring in the festival with a new twist.

The annual festival will be filled with music, educational exhibits,  and Haudenosaunee Singers and dancer. The festival sticks to the  Haudenosaunee value of supporting the social needs of others by merging with the family-friendly and eco-friendly vendors. Those who attend the festival will experience native crafts and foods. Stage of Nations producer, Irving Lyons Jr. says the newest thing about this year’s festival is the premier of the documentary film that can be award winning in his eyes.

” The Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation, which is a documentary about the world games, World Lacrosse Games, that were held in the Onondaga nation,” said Lyons

The film also has several other plots in it including politics and the socialization of the Onondaga nation and Lacrosse.The film was produced by One Bowl productions and directed by Academy Award nominee Peter Spirer. Lyons says right now the film is getting a lot rave critical reviews and could possibly be an Oscar nominated film.

He also says the locally made film has some relevance to the festival.

“ Well, it’s all in a composite. It gives introspective into the Haudenosaunee culture. Lacross is integral, it’s part of the lifestyle. Part of the whole Haudensonauee being”

Lyons says the film will give those who attend the showing a better understanding of who the Haudensonaunee are and possibly find similitaries in its culture to their own.

The film will be shown at Stage of Nations: Film Night at Hanover Square this Thursday night at 8 p.m.

The largest festival of its kind in the northeast will run in conjunction with the Arts and Music festival on the days of July 28th and July 29th.

Dancer putting Headdress on (c) 2017 Brittany Henderson

Dancer putting Headdress on (c) 2017 Brittany Henderson