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Special Guards on Trucks: Worth While or a Waste of Time and Money?

Photo by Jude Allume. Trucks may soon be required to have under ride guards as seen on the truck pictured above(c) 2017 Jude Allume


By Jude Allume, SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) — Senator Chuck Schumer has recently pushed for the federal government to change safety regulations for trucks. The push comes as a result of an accident involving a truck which killed four people.

A milk tanker jackknifed on I-81 on July fifth, blocking several lanes on the highway. Two cars crashed into the truck, killing all four passengers in the vehicles.

Following the incident, Senator Schumer is now pushing the federal government to mandate underride guards be placed on all sides of trucks. Currently, trucks are only required by law to have underride guards on the rear of the vehicle. Senator Schumer is pushing for guards to be added to the side of trucks.

Truck driver Wayne Moore has underride guards on the side of his truck,  but in regards to the safety benefit of the guard he says

“I don’t See any”. Moore explains that the guards on the truck are made of plastic. If faced with a vehicle coming near the truck Moore said “It’s not gonna prevent cars from sliding underneath the trailer”.

Truck driver Jose Rodriguez also has underride guards on his truck, and shared the same thought as Moore in regards to the guards not being able to stop a car from harm. Rodriguez says that heavier material would be needed to help decrease the impact of cars running into the side of trucks. The issue with that, Rodriguez says, is the negative effect on freight limitations and cost.

“Adding something heavier than that, that means that it’s gonna be less freight that we can hold. You see what I mean because it’s all about the weight and if they put something heavy on those trailers on the side, it will cost more and that means we’ll have to carry less freight. It will be more trips out there. It’s kind of like a domino reaction in a sense”.

Senator Schumer says that underride guards would have made a difference in the fatal I-81 crash and that the use of the guards on the side of trucks will save lives and make roads safer.

Photo By Jude Allume.

Photo By Jude Allume.

Photo By Jude Allume.