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Rainy Season Brings Struggle to Local Farmers

Fresh produce offered every Tuesday at the Downtown Farmers Market. (c) Erica Pieschke


The rain this year has effected the local farmers crops.

By Erica Pieschke SYRACUSE (NCC NEWS) – The Downtown Farmers Market allows local farmers to come sell their produce. However, with the record breaking rainfall this year, damaged crops have been a worry in these farmers eyes.

A farmer from Oswego county, Bethany Ingersoll, has been participating in local farmers markets for seven years. Ingersoll says the storms would hit hard just days after seeds were planted.

“It’s harder to get out on the fields,” says Ingersoll. “And some of the plants got washed away early in the season because of the rain.”

Her farm has invested in getting a high tunnel, which means producing crops in a greenhouse, to help protect their crops throughout the year. This will also allow them to start planting seeds earlier in the spring and later throughout the fall. Ingersoll is hopeful that this will help increase her crop in the future.

This year, a group of teenagers are eager and excited about participating in their first farmers market. The group, Urban Delights, grow their produce locally and believe that the rain helped their crops for the better. They say that the extra water allowed their crops to grow bigger.

“It kind of helped because it made it more fresh and it gave more water for the roots “.

Even with the rain being heavier than usual, the produce offered every week is still fresh. The Downtown Farmers Market will be open every Tuesday 7am-3pm, now until October 10th. Get down to support your local farmers.