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New Citigroup Technology Shouldn’t Worry Customers

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Citigroup Technology May Not Scare Away Customers

By Dominique Patrick SYRACUSE (NCC News)— New banking technologies are coming to Citigroup soon. According to Business Insider, the Smart Automation Centre is currently searching for staff in the U. S. and internationally. ┬áThe search continues in New York, Budapest, Singapore, Tampa and London.

Many may wonder about trusting their finances with the new robots. Perhaps a glitch could happen and finances are at risk for more hackers and identify theft. ┬áProfessor Thomas Barkley at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management said otherwise. From his banking experience in the United Kingdom National West Minister some 25 years ago, he expects the biggest change to banks will be that a lot of things done manually will be automated and easier to access and speed up the process of banking affairs.

Should we be afraid of adjusting to the transition into robotic banking?

Barkley believes we already put our lives in technology’s hand. It shouldn’t be a huge adjustment.

“I think that this is one of those things where, we live in a technological age and for the most part people are satisfied with technology enough they trust technological products. Most younger people nowadays are happy to never even show up in a bank. Doing things on a smart phone signifies that they already trust that the banks are not going to make a mistake.”

Barkley believes that the bigger issue would be a system wide glitch. Either all of Citigroup could go down or all the banks across the country would go down all at once, which seems like a much bigger threat to him.

Sounds like a financial nightmare.

Citigroup is looking to start the transition into these new robotically run banks soon and are posting ads searching for new staff online. These new hires will assist in the ongoing development of the firm’s new robots.