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Mr. Jay Gives Free Yoga Lessons

Mr. Jay stretching

Mr. Jay stretching before his free yoga class (c) 2017 Tommy Farrell

Mr. Jay Gives Free Yoga Lessons - NCC News

By Tommy Farrell SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — It was more than twenty years ago when Jay Rubadeaux discovered his passion for yoga. Although he received his Yoga Science certification from the Himalayan Institute, Rubadeaux never had the motive to charge for his services.

“I felt uncomfortable with it,” said Rubadeaux. “I don’t think money should actually be exchanged for something like this.”

Mr. Jay, as most people call him, holds his free yoga sessions at Betts Branch Library every Monday night at 6 P.M. According to librarian Quinn Gardner, Onondaga County residents have been seeing the benefits of yoga since Rubadeaux started three years ago.

“They seem relaxed and happy,” said Gardner. “I think it’s going quite well.”

When Rubadeaux was 16-years-old, he only had five poses mastered. But, only knowing five poses did not stop him. With each new pose, came a stronger love for yoga.

“I do it everyday and it’s always a pleasure,” said Rubadeaux. “It’s never a chore.”

Rubadeaux encourages newcomers to come and try it out. According to him, it makes you feel physically and emotionally better.

“You’re doing something for your body. You’re doing something for your happiness,” said Rubadeaux. “Everybody can do it and everybody should try it.”

It is like any other sport or activity you may have tried, Rubadeaux mentioned. He wants residents to experience the meditation with him. In today’s society, Rubadeaux urges people to do yoga for one simple reason – clear your mind.

“I’m not thinking about the past or the future. I’m not thinking about gain or loss,” said Rubadeaux. “I’m just moving.”