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Low Test Scores Leave Many Syracuse Residents Playing the Blame Game

Fowler High School, located in Syracuse, is currently being phased out of service. (c) 2017 Mye Owens

Students and Schools Work to Improve Test Scores

Local Parents Speaks on the Importance of the SAT exam.

Mye Owens Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)

Syracuse is ranked as having the worst average SAT score in New York. This ranking is based on the test scores of students in 2016. However, many believe this should not be a concern.

The SAT is an entrance exam divided into two sections. Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, with an option for an Essay. The exam tests a students knowledge of subjects that are important to success in college.

Although the SAT is a requirement among many 4 year colleges and universities, many are stepping away from this requirement. Many institutions require either the SAT or the ACT.

Several parents believe that taking standardized tests, similar to the SAT, is a waste of time and doesn’t truly capture what a student has learned. While other parents believe it is important for students to do well on these exams. Syracuse, mother of five, Mary Lively states, “It’s going to show your next step, what level your at, are you really college material, can you handle the work that’s going to be expected of you?”

Syracuse City School District is no stranger to the battle of low test scores. Fowler High School is phasing out after continued low academic results have been produced.

The Syracuse City School District has yet to comment on the low test scores, however, the district along with other organizations, provide students with assistance in preparing for their test date. For example, the District offers a free SAT prep class to 12th graders who are prepping for the exam.