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Fun And Forensics At MOST In Syracuse

Chromatography (c) Christine Morton 2017

Forensics Camp at MOST

By Christine Morton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Preparations are underway for the one week “A MOST Perplexing Mystery” ¬†forensics camp at Milton J. Rubenstein Museum. This year, the use of the Cornell Institute kits will allow for a true hands-on crime scene investigation.

Angela Gaige, Director of Education and Certified Teacher, believes these kits will teach students skills such as being able to research, observe and make conclusions. Not only does Gaige hope students will successfully be able to apply chromatography, hair analysis, finger printing, and analyzing bite marks to crime scenes, but understand the history of forensics too. If Gaige is lucky, shes wishes to stir interests in forensic careers within the group of campers.

In addition to understanding the fundamentals of forensic science, Gaige stresses the importance of connecting this type of science with other subjects. For example, Gaige says “Finger Printing is sort of a craft, more than a science.” She explains how Police Force and Investigators study the finger prints, memorize and learn from it before matching it with suspects. Even though the ultimate key to solving the crime will be from DNA there are other objects to add in finding the criminal. As a result, Gaige says law enforcement designed forensic science before scientists in a time where laboratory science was not available.

However, Gaige says the general most important aspect of the camp is for kids to have fun! Hands-on learning is the root of all activities.

Since the camp is sold out for this year, be sure to check out “Summer of Science” which is every Saturday at 2PM.

Education Room (c) Christine Morton 2017

Chromatography (c) Christine Morton 2017

MOST Entrance Sign (c) Christine Morton 2017