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Apple Issues Warning of Cyber Hacking Threats to Its Users

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Apple Cyberattacks Threat Wrap

Some Central New Yorkers are concerned about their handy devices after Apple issues a critical security patch to protect users from cyber hacking threats that may come via Wi-Fi.

By Alana Seldon SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Apple users have been warned of a potential cyber hacking threat.

The tech giant has issued a critical security patch to protect its iOS devices and Mac computers from the hacking threats they say, are able to come remotely over Wi-Fi.

As the virus is being considered a serious threat, some Central New Yorkers are concerned about their handy devices.

Upstate Medical employee, Kristen Anders owns an iPhone, as well as a Mac computer and says she’s an avid online shopper. As a loyal Apple user for nearly six years, Anders is surprised about the hacking reports.

“I’m definitely surprised. Yeah, especially because you know, you always hear Apple has no viruses… that’s why you always get Apple. But, I guess not.”

Another Apple user, Matt Lane, is an Advertising Master’s student at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. While Lane says he trusts the company and depends heavily on his iPhone, he has plans to investigate ways to prevent these viruses.

“It’ kinda scares me a little bit,” he explains. “So, I guess it’s something I’m going to look into and kinda protect myself with my phone on.”

Attorney Hyder Hussain, on the other hand, is an Android user. He says he’s also surprised of the threats because of Apple’s reputation of being “prone from any attacks.”

With reports of this virus’ ability to hack over Wi-Fi, possibly affecting Google users and others who are tech savvy, Hussain says he will be a more cautious mobile device user.

“I would have to be more careful about it,” he explains. “Because its [Androids] open source, it will download and its open to anybody. For hackers, its a lot easier to access Androids than iPhones.”

Director of IT at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School and former Apple Genius, Brian Tibbens says like any threat, users should be concerned that this is out there, but the tech giant is adamant in protecting it’s users.

“Apple has always been very proactive about security and its user base. If it detects a potential threat to its clientele, it will typically notify the users or implement security standards within the software to block any abnormal activities.”

Apple’s proactive response to hacks, instead of a reactive response, is in the best interest of its users.

According to Apple, for our customers’ protection, the company doesn’t disclose or confirm security issues until an investigation has occurred and patches or releases are available. The last software security update was released in May.

Apple encourages its customers to update their device’s software to its latest versions to prevent cyber hackers from accessing personal information. iPhone users will need to install iOS 10.3.3 and Mac users should install macOS Sierra 10.12.6.