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Always Advance: Motivation for the Citizens of Syracuse

Photo by Jude Allume. (c) 2017 Jude Allume


By Jude Allume, SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) —

Meredith Kasabian and Josh Luke are artists who have been married five years. They’ve worked together for the last seven years at Best Dressed Signs, the business they own together. Most recently, they’ve been working on a new project called Always Advance, a massive mural near downtown Syracuse.

The mural is one of the last pieces of the connective corridor project set forth by former Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor. The project was started in an effort to bridge the gap between Syracuse University and the surrounding communities through the use of free buses, park renovations and public art.

With art being Kasabian and Luke’s specialty, the couple is using the formerly blank white wall of Syracuse University’s Warehouse building as their canvas. The artists decided to go with a motivational message.

“In the political climate of the country these days, there’s a lot of nostalgia, a lot of like let’s look back to a time when America was great before now and we don’t agree with that message. We think that you should always, you should look to the future. Greatness lies in the future, so that was part of, part of how we came up with the message always advance.” Said Kasabian.

The message will be depicted in typewriter keys as a salute to Syracuse’s past as the Typewriter capital of the United States. It also pays homage to the advancement of women as type writers were significant in getting women into the work force.

Kasabian and Luke believe their message reflects on the connective corridor’s aim to bridge the gap in the community, as everyone comes together in their efforts to push forward in life.

“I think anybody can take the phrase always advance and you can think of it like, because it’s on the side of the design school you can think of it as advancing your education. You can think of it as advancing yourself for your own personal,  personal growth, always make yourself better. You can interpret it in a lot of different ways. Hopefully people will take the message and interpret it for their own personal lives” said Kasabian.

The artist have been working on the mural for a little over two weeks now. Though it is still a work in progress, it can be seen on West Fayette Street and South West Street.