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Due To Sponsorship Trouble The Oswego Harborfest Has Lost A Popular Show

(c) 2006 AP. Photo by Srdjan Ilic


By India Timpton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – For many, attending The Oswego Harborfest is a yearly tradition. As time passed since the festival began, thousands of people have shown up every summer to see shows both old and new. Sadly, this year the highly-anticipated return of Typhoon Tommy’s Water Ski Show will not be one they get to enjoy.

The group, who has participated in the festival for multiple years, will not perform this weekend due to a lack of sponsorships, according to the show’s producer Tommy Nuttall.

Nuttall, who also announces and performs with the group, wishes things could have turned out differently. But, the cost of their production is not cheap and there was no one to pay the bill this time around.

While the lack of sponsorships was a “bummer,” Nuttall is already brainstorming ways to secure sponsorships for the 2018 festival.

“It’s a great event and we hope to be back next year. We are free that weekend. Although there is some stuff going on locally up here I’d rather be there,” he said.

But, be aware the times listed for Typhoon Tommy’s Water Ski Show in this year’s festival are incorrect. Nuttall said he was unaware of the false-listing and hopes anyone looking forward to the show will not be too disappointed.

If you want to help sponsor the show’s return in next years Harborfest, you can contact Tommy Nuttall directly via the website.

Don’t worry folks – this water ski show will not stay docked for long!