Strong Hearts Cafe Delivers Fresh Food Year Round

Strong Hearts Cafe, wall of awards, awarded by local publications in Syracuse. (c) 2017 Lileana Pearson

Strong Hearts Cafe

Hear how Strong Hearts Cafe is bringing fresh produce to customers year round

By Lileana Pearson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Opened in 2008, Strong Hearts Café is a vegan restaurant located on E. Genesee St., and Marshall St.

Their mission is to provide vegan food that caters to traditional and non-traditional vegans.

A way they are trying to stay true to their mission is by bringing fresh produce into their restaurants every single day.

Some restaurants find it difficult to ensure fresh produce, especially during harsh central New York winters which requires food must travel long distances to arrive.

Through Andy’s Produce, Strong Heart Cafe receive daily trucks of fresh produce – even during cold winter months.

The winter months has little effect on the customer base as well. Often times people will brave all types of weather to dine in, averaging at 300 customers a day.

Currently, Strong Hearts is known for their desserts and wide variety of milkshakes.

Additionally they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner items alongside a variety of on-the-go foods and snacks.

In efforts to expand their business they have also started working with Grubhub, a food delivery service in partner with their Marshall St. location. There are no current plans to add this service to Strong Hearts Café on E. Genesee St. due to the number of customers they receive throughout the day.

This addition would require Strong Hearts Café to move to a location with a larger kitchen, a move they are not ready to make in the near future.

Strong Hearts Café is open seven days a week from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm.