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Uber Taking its Toll on Central N.Y. Taxi Drivers

Uber is now available in New York State. (c) Associated Press

Uber Taking its Toll on Central N.Y. Taxi Drivers

Uber Taking its Toll on Central N.Y. Taxi Drivers

By Brooke Meenachan SYRACUSE (NCC NEWS) –  After a week long stretch of Uber in Central New York, local taxi drivers are already starting to feel the pinch.

One company in particular says if Uber keeps halting its taxi service, it might not be able to compete with the ride-sharing application.

“If we did have an answer to this situation or something like that, it might help us. Maybe. But right now, it doesn’t help because Uber has money,” said Syracuse Community Taxi driver Yaw Kyeremeng.

Kyeremetng’s family business has been in operation for eight years. Each member has his or her own quota to reach at the end of the week.

For Kyeremetng, that quota is $1,000, a goal he fell short of the week after Uber launched.

“The weekend was very tough, but whatever works for you and whatever is going to be there for you, is going to be there for you,” he said.

In this case, Kyeremetng knows that might not always be his family’s taxi service.

“It’s not only my family. It [Uber] hurt everybody. Everybody. Even the big companies, they’re going to suffer too,” said Kyeremetng.

He says if he can’t figure out a solution then he might just have to join the competition while continuing to run the family cab service.

“My plan is either I’ll do both,” he said. “I’ll have my taxi and then I’ll download the applications and go with what they’re going for.”