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Comic Book Stores Are Your Friendly Neighborhood Heroes

Cloud City Comics logo. (c) Peyton Zeigler 2017


By: Peyton Zeigler SYRACUSE (NCC News) – Without comic books, fans would not have blockbuster superhero movies.

Owner of Cloud City Comics in ShoppingTown Mall, Jeff Watkins started his store ten years ago with the intent to put forth his passion for comics. He takes his job seriously and it has paid off in the long run. His store is among 19 nominated in the world for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award. This award is presented to the best comic book stores that bridge the gap between publishers and their readers. Later this month the field will narrow from 19 to five, and the winner will be announced at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards on July 21st at the San Diego Comic Con.