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Without political affiliation, Syracuse man seeks mayoral victory

Ben Walsh’s campaign headquarters, located on Syracuse’s West Side. (c) Odeya Pinkus 2017


By Odeya Pinkus SYRACUSE (NCC News) – Despite coming from a family of Republicans, Syracuse mayoral candidate Ben Walsh is running for office as an independent.

Currently endorsed by the Reform party, Walsh already has a guaranteed spot on November’s ballot. But when it comes to spots on the ballot he said, “the more the merrier.”

Walsh is seeking to get on through the Upstate Jobs Party line as well. To do that, he’ll need to collect almost 14,000 valid signatures – meaning local, registered voters who have not yet signed another petition.

Walsh said that as an independent, he also sought his way to the ballot through existing parties.

“My message to all the parties was that I wasn’t willing to compromise my independence,” Walsh said. “But if there was an interest in potentially endorsing me as an independent, there was mutual interest on my part.”

Earlier in the race, he was considered by local Republicans, who ultimately chose former Lafayette Central School District superintendent Laura Lavine.

Walsh and his team have until August 21 to collect signatures. The primaries are taking place on September 12, with the election on November 7.