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Coming Up on NCC News at 4:45…What a Babysitter Should Do

Babysitting— 2009 AP Photo/Mary Schwalm

Coming up on NCC News at 4:45pm, news reporter Matt D’Ambrosi will tells us what babysitters should expect when taking care of children.

The Oswego YMCA held a babysitter’s training course today where people could go and learn about:

  • The babysitting business
  • Safety while watching children
  • Understanding kids from 0-10 years old

The course ran from 9am to 1pm. Fifteen people showed up, twelve were females and three were males.

At the end, each person who attended received a YMCA babysitter’s Course certification.

Matt will have more on the story on NCC News at 4:45pm and on NCC News online.