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“Buy American” – A New Law in New York That Could Help the Economy

This week, Governor Cuomo passed legislation called "Buy American" requiring construction organizations to buy American made steel and iron. (c) 2017 Kelsey Snider

By Kelsey Snider Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — As most of central New York knows, the Syracuse manufacturing industry used to be booming, but has been on a steady decline.

A long time Syracuse resident and construction business owner, Howard Davis, said he has seen this city go through all its ups and downs.

“At one time, Syracuse was a nice place to go and work and bring up your kids,” Davis said. “It ain’t like that no more.”

This week Governor Cuomo took actions to bring that industry back.

He signed the “Buy American” legislation into law.

This law requires organizations like the Department of Transportation, Thruway Authority and Bridge Authority to buy American made steel and iron for all surface roads and bridge projects.

“It’s better to buy anything from America,” Davis said. “A lot of steel from other countries doesn’t have the strength that American steel do, and that can be dangerous really.”

“When we Buy American, we support the continued growth of our manufacturing industries here at home,” Governor Cuomo said.

Davis agrees. He thinks the law will have a positive effect on construction companies because they will become larger and have to hire more.

“It’ll help us,” said Davis. “We can go build in other countries.”

Once the law has been well established with steel and iron, New York state will add concrete and aluminum to the list.

Buy American won’t be implemented and affect construction contracts until April 1, 2018.




A bridge made out of steel. (c) 2017 Kelsey Snider

The Buy American Law will require construction companies to buy American made steel and iron. (c) 2017 Kelsey Snider