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Ticking Healthcare Clock Concerns Central New Yorkers

(c) 2017 Sarah Minkewicz

The Senate begins an extended recess on July 4. That’s what we know.

Meanwhile, Senator Mitch McConnell is rushing to release his new healthcare bill and force a vote before Independence Day as other senators await his final draft.

Lost in all the rush to beat the deadlines is the effects of the new bill, and how it will affect those in need of coverage in Central New York.

Rebecca Elingston struggles with an autoimmune disease and requires a wheelchair.

Her chair costs $10,000, but she won’t be able to afford it if her healthcare plan changes.

“With this new health care pass I’m worried,”¬†Elingston said. ”¬†I can’t pay that out of pocket there’s no way.”

McConnell is reportedly supposed to have the bill finalized by Thursday so the Senate can vote on it next week.